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When we lost our son in an horrific car crash we were plunged into a world of darkness, disbelief and trauma. Then came the devastation of the loss and something you dont anticipate, but the financial worry hit us. Who saves for their child’s funeral? Certainly not us. So there we were broken, devastated, in a very dark place with financial worry attached. - a living hell!

We were given the contact details for Steve and Bev Gough, this turned out to be a lifeline. Not only did we receive support with our funeral deposit but the emotional support we received from Bev was priceless. Bev has been there 24/7 for me and whist she doesn’t profess to be an expert or know all the answers, I personally know she has given me the strength to continue with my life.

The place we are in is a dark place but it has been made more bearable by the support from the NCGF. The Goughs also gave us the chance of a family break to help give us space and peace. This helped immensely and I even laughed on our weekend away, something i don’t do now.

The Foundation is a lifeline for families plunged into a living hell, without it I don’t know where i would be. Nothing can bring back my son but the foundation has helped me to live for my daughter and unborn granddaughter.

Deaths on the road will never cease but the Naomi Cheri Gough Foundation with it’s dedication and support for families like ours, will help ease the pain and suffering of those left behind.

We must all support the Naomi Cheri Gough Foundation because it makes a difference to families that feel devastated, lost and torn apart, we are a living proof.

Thank you Steve & Bev Gough and the NCGF.
Jo, Tony, Georgia & Josh
I was made aware of the Naomi Cheri Gough Foundation at my FLO Course by the FLO Co-Ordinator; they had been at a National Conference where the Foundation had presented about how they could help families of fatal collisions [under 25 years].

On deployment to my families, I recommended the NCGF. Three of the families that I was deployed into accessed the charity and without question the Foundation helped. The work that they do goes beyond financial support for those in times of crisis [eg: raising awareness through evidential research] and is invaluable, truly one of a kind.

The foundation assists massively when FLO’s withdraw as they continue to offer support and guidance in coming to terms with living each day after sudden loss and for that, they’re remarkable. The Foundation are a credit to West Yorkshire and as a FLO – our families [and us] would be lost without their support.
DC Fox-Greenwood, Family Liaison Officer
West Yorkshire Police
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